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Teckwrap Holographic Opal Adhesive Vinyl

Teckwrap Holographic Opal Adhesive Vinyl

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Order the new Patterned Holographic Opal Adhesive Vinyl Roll that is soft, ultra-thin, and extremely easy to cut and weed. The holographic pattern shines in glamorous colors that can quickly add life to any crafty project. It's smooth, glossy finish instantly holds attention and is perfect for making attractive lettering, decals, banner art, signage, window graphics, and scrapbook art. This vinyl is all about quick and easy transfer across various surfaces. It has a strong adhesive that doesn’t leave behind sticky residue making it ideal for temporary art projects.

Sheet Size: 12x12in

  • Thickness: 0.06mm~0.07mm.
  • Durable and dust-resistant 
  • Easy cutting and weeding of small letters and fine designs 
  • Smooth, glossy finish 
  • Easy transfer with zero sticky residue 
  • Water proof adhesive 
  • Ideal for making wall decals, window graphics, signage, banner art, scrapbooking
  • Incredibly versatile
  • Compatible with most craft cutters and vinyl plotters



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