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Teckwrap Pearlescent Opal Adhesive Vinyl

Teckwrap Pearlescent Opal Adhesive Vinyl

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Pearlescent Opal adhesive vinyl cut like butter! They’re zero maintenance, incredibly versatile, and super-easy to work with. With impressive durability, this vinyl is resistant to harsh elements and keeps its pearly colors intact throughout the seasons. Make heavenly artwork that glistens beautifully with our Pearlescent opal Vinyl Roll today!

Sold in 12”x12” sheets.

TeckWrap Craft recommends a test cut to ensure you always get the parameters right. Pearlescent opal vinyl is different from the previous sheet pack. The surface is much more smooth and this vinyl gives a pearlescent look which makes the vinyl itself glow. There is no protective layer on pearlescent vinyl.

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